Quotes Virtus BolognaFiere vs Proteas EKA AEL


Matteo Bonicioli, Bologna Head Co ach:

 "Against a very consistent team like Proteas we have been playing consistent Basketball, waiting and maintaining patiente when they were slowing down the rhythm of the game. As soon as we saw the possibility to attack them in fast break, which was the best part of our game tonight, we did it. This is an important sign of maturity as a team. Concerning the final, the task will be completely different. Limassol was a technical team with a lot of players with great knowledge of Basketball. Cholet on the other hand is one of the most athletic teams in the competition so we have to change our approach and prepare tomorrow for the final."

Brett Blizzard, Bologna Player:

"The key to the game was that we used our home court to our advantage with easy transition baskets. Wether we scored or not, we still pushed the ball and made them run back on defence. So we were able to get the crowd involved. Most important was the defence. We limited them to one shot, outrebounding them and thus being able to make the game qick with an outlet pass."

Miroslav Nikolic, Proteas Head Coach:

"First of all congratulations to Bologna, they played a better game tonight. I watched five or six of their games and one thing that we should have done but didn't was to defend the fast break. We did not play organised on offence either. We dealt with a much better team than us."

Milan Dozet, Proteas Player:

"Bologna ia a really fast and strong team. Our coach just recently took over the team and I think that was not enough time to prepare for a tournament like this. We lost all our chances in the third quarter because we did not play good defence, especially against fast break. We tried to come back but did not have enough time."


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