Quotes Cholet Basket vs. BC Triumph


Stanislav Eremine, Lyubertsy Head Coach:

" The game was quite equal and in games like that luck usually chooses one side. Tonight it chose Cholet. But luck always chooses on a basis. We lost a couple of very important rebounds. Maybe the last few possessions of the game were also my mistake. Today we played much worse defence than we usually do. The key was that we could not stop Claude Marquis. Congratulations to Cholet and good luck in the final."

Marque Perry, Lyubertsy Player:

" Today it was a very hardgame between two very good teams. Just like coach said, at the end of the game it comes down toplaying hard defence and making tough shots. Cholet made shots, got rebounds and got defensive stops when they were supposed to and we didn't. It is a hurt felling but we came out and played hard and just lost."

Erman Kunter, Cholet Head Coach:

"At the end of the first half we really felt that we could win the game. In one periodLyubertsy shot the ball very well and we took some bad decisions on offence. But we knew that if we kept playing like we were practicing in the second half and defend a little better we could win this game. All my players give 100 %, regardless of their playing time. For me, thats the most important thing. It was already a great success for our team to be here and now we play the final on Sunday. The final should also be an open game, I think our chance is 50 %."

Rodrigue Beaubois, Cholet Player:

 "It is a pleasure to be here just in my first year. I personally started the match pretty bad with two quick fouls and after that it was kind f hard to get back into the game. But I am here to play for the team. Now that we are in the final we want to win it and we feel like we can win it. But we play and in the end we will see what we get."


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