Quotes Ural Great vs. BC FMP Zeleznik


Nemanja Protic, FMP Zeleznik Guard:

"First of all I would like to congratulate my teammates. We knew Ural Great is an experienced team. But we played hard and did not allow the opponent come close in score." 

Slobodan Klipa, Coach of FMP Zeleznik:

"I am very proud of my players. They played today against an experienced team at their home court. From the very beginning of the game we led the score and kept a good advantage. I am very glad with our win today and I wish Ural Great good luck in the season."

Aleksandr Bashminov, Ural Great Center:

"We played very bad today. Everybody wanted to contribute to the game but nobody could do it." 

Roman Dvinyaninov, Coach of Ural Great:

"We did not fulfill what we planned for this game. In the opponent team their guards played very well, our big men did not manage to cope with them." 


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