Quotes BC Oostende vs. BC Triumph Lyubertsy


Coach Umberto Badioli, Oostende:

"This was a great team effort against a team that looked unbeatable on paper. This again shows that games are played on court, budget does not matter, heart does. My players did a great job tonight after a period of frustration. This was a mental challange for us and important to get back on track. We still have to adjust many things but tonight we deserved the win and especially the crowd, which was also incredible tonight, deserved the win."

Player Matt Haryasz, Oostende:

"This is amazing. It feels good to get everything together. It's a great feeling and we will have to carry this over to the Belgian league."

Coach Stanislav Eremin, Triumph:

"Congratulations to Oostende. They played a good level of basketball in both games, in Moskow as well as tonight. The picture in both games was the same: In both games we cannot stop Atkins. He killed us twice: he made the game and made all important shots. He is the hero of the series.  We gave the initiative to Oostende from the beginning after some stupid mistakes. Then it's hard to get back. To win is impossible without tough defense and shots from the perimeter."

Player Nened Krstic, Triumph:

"Oostende played a really good game. We are dissapointed because we came to the game with a good feeling. We tried everything we could but as I said, they played really good." 


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