Quotes Tartu Rock vs. Basket Swans


Head Coach Bob Gonnen (Allianz Swans):

"We won because we have the best player in Austrian basketball history - Deteri Mayes, who shows excellent play in important matches. Also our point guard Fisher showed excellent performance on second half and that lead us to victory."

Player Deteri Mayes (Allianz Swans):

"We won the series because we were the better basketball team in the fourth quarter in both matches. We just kept fighting and we never give up - that brought us to the second round."

Head Coach √úllar Kerde (Tartu Rock):

"Our attack in the second half didn't run as it should and our opponent had two men who won the match for Swans. We worked hard to take a 27-points lead but had not enough strength to hold it."

Player George Tsintsadze (Tartu Rock):

"Our opponents scored well from difficult positions on fourth quarter and we had no strength to fight to the end."


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