Quotes Energa Czarni vs UNICS


Coach Aco Petrovic (UNICS):

"We have made too many turnovers, 25 of them. Means we gave them 25 more attacks than we had. We have played also very poorly on defence."

"I was really surprised by the way the host team played today. 14 points is a lot, but we will try to find the way to advance."

Player Artem Kuzyakin (UNICS):

"We need to do a good preparation for the second game. Today we have played very badly on defence and also the turnovers were too much."

"We will fight to advance in the second game."

Coach Miroslaw Lisztwan (Energa Czarni):

"I am very happy after this very first game in history of Slupsk basketball in European Club Competitions."

"To win this game was clearly the dream. We wanted the players to be focused and disciplined and they have played a great game."

Player Paweł Leonczyk (Energa Czarni):

"I would like to thank the fans, because they were great today."

"The coach told us before the game, that we need to be a unit for this game and motivated us.  - And we did exactly that."


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