Quotes EclipseJet MyGuide vs. Proteas EKA AEL


Dragan Raca - Proteas EKA AEL Head Coach:

"We are happy that we reached the Final Four. But I would like to congratulate Amsterdam for being the best team we've played during this competition."

Haris Mujezinovic - Proteas EKA AEL Player :

"This was a game with two complete different halfs. The first half we had problems with our defense but in the second half we picked it up."

Arie Shivek - EclipseJet Amsterdam Head Coach:

 "The best team over eighty minutes of basketball won. Any excuse we could have, takes the shining of the victory of Proteas away. We played good during some parts of both games, but they were more consistent then we were."

Teddy Gipson - EclipseJet Amsterdam Player:

"Our spirit faded a bit when Proteas started to play better defense in the second half. We still worked hard, but couldn't make the shots anymore."


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