Quotes Proteas EKA AEL vs. EclipseJet MyGuide


Arie Shivek (coach EclipseJet MyGuide Amsterdam):
"It was a difficult game. We showed that we had studied the game by playing good basketball. I believed that we could have won in the end. We are looking forward to the next game,Thursday in Amsterdam. We made a lot of errors and we our defeat was a just result."

Dragan Raca (coach Proteas EKA AEL):
"EclipseJet MyGuide are a very good and organized team. The first game is always very difficult. We go to Holland in order to give all we can for the victory as we do not want [to have to play] a third game back here in Melford Arena."

Tamien Trent (player EclipseJet MyGuide Amsterdam):
"I believed that the teams were at the same level but we made many errors and [committed too many] fouls.".

Lavell Blanchard (played Proteas EKA AEL):
"I agree with my coach. It was a difficult game. Our coach made an exceptional preparation for this game. Our fans helped us to a great degree."


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