Quotes Dexia vs. CSK-VVS


Ben Ebong, Dexia Player:

"Right there in front of me there were two big towers especially Stanescu and Clancy,but I made my job, and it is not the first time that I have given the team effective support in defence. We found the Russian team very agressive and also well organized from time to time, and it wasn't easy to find solutions when we had the ball. Of course, Brian Bracey could have been a help for us, but an injury to his knee prevented him from playing a lot of minutes."

Chris Finch, Dexia Head Coach:

"It was a game where we have had the opportunity of winning three or four times when we were leading by ten points, but finally during the first half we only had four points in advance on account of a defeciency of concentration."

"Samara played a very agressive game physically, but during the rest I told my guys they have to play fast, and also move the ball quickly to put their hosts in problems."

"I thought it was the solution to oblige them to run more and more, and finally the tactical plan was good. The team had good stats, especially James Potter who made a fantastic job during more than twenty minutes of play.

"It was important to win, but also to look after the average and we did so with sixteen points of difference."


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