Quotes Proteas EKA AEL vs. Cajasol


Pedro Martinez, Head Coach (Cajasol Sevilla):

"We lost many shots. Proteas EKA AEL was better for us and rightly gained."

Dragan Raca, Head Coach (Proteas EKA AEL):

"It was an important game for us. We marked this game and we are in the peak of the group. We had for a big time interval a good game. Congratulations to my players."

Niklas Caner Medley, Player (Cajasol Sevilla):

"We accepted a lot of baskets from Milan Dozet. Proteas EKA AEL played better than we and accomplished to win."

Milan Dozet, Player (Proteas EKA AEL):

"We started the game a little bit afraid. It was important for us to play good defense. Cajasol Sevilla is a very good team."


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