Quotes Lokomotiv Rostov vs. Proteas EKA AEL


Daniel Yusup, coach of BC Lokomotiv-Rostov:
"Today we saw how one player can make [or break] a game. We played very well in the first quarter, when Antik was on the court. Then he was injured and my team stopped to play basketball."

Aleksandar Capin:
"This was my first game in EuroChallenge for Lokomotiv-Rostov. I see that it's a team with great potential but we couldn't offer good basketball today."

Dragan Raca, coach of Proteas EKA AEL:
"Today my team played good basketball. We plan to capture first place in the group to have the most comfortable position in the next round."

Milan Dozet:
"This is a very important win in this round."


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