Quotes Cholet Basket vs. Belgacom Liege


Tom JOHNSON, Liège Head Coach:

"What made the difference during the game is we were better than Cholet in rebounds. We played more aggressive than in first game in Liège. We were hitting three-point shots (40%) and it helped us to win this game. It is a good win for us tonight."

Xavier COLLETTE, Liege Player:

"This victory gave us a chance to be qualified for the Quarter-Finals. We were confidant for this game, as we were very close to winning the game at home. In our first game, Cholet had stopped our 11 game win streak so we had to take our revenge."

Erman KUNTER, Cholet Basket Head Coach:

"Tonight we did not play with the same defensive intensity as usual. The team spirit is not good. A little better than Friday against Strasbourg, but without this spirit team, we could not win such a game. We have some problems on rebounds. Liege has scored 10 points thanks to offensive rebounds. t is a good win for Liège."

Rodrigue BEAUBOIS , Cholet Basket Player:

"We had no aggressiviness on defense, particularity in the third and fourth quarter. At the end we were too tired, to play good defense. Actually it is not a good period for us, before we were united but now there are some problems that we have to resolve."


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