Quotes Cholet Basket vs. Telekom Baskets


Michael Koch, Coach (Telekom Baskets Bonn):

"It is a strange situation, as we knew that Vincent Grier and Claude Marquis were not playing tonight. We were thinking that it will be more interesting and easy for us, but it was different. The young players played more and always tried to improve. There are great players in Cholet Basket's team. We missed too many rebounds. We could not play in the paint. During the game we were in defense but not in offense."

Erman Kunter, Coach (Cholet Basket):

"It was a very important game. With this victory, now we are sure to be qualified for the Quarter-Finals. The next game against Liège will be important for us to be the first team in our group. It was very important to imply the whole team tonight, for this victory. I have not seen only one good player tonight, but the success of one team, our team : Cholet Basket."

Steeve Ho You Fat, Player (Cholet Basket):

"The coach asked us to prevent Bonn to score more than 65 points. It was our goal for this game. Even if I haven't played a lot of times since the beginning of the season, I am not interested in the game time - long or short it is the same work. I am always ready to do the job."


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