Quotes BC Kalev Cramo vs. Deutsche Bank Skyliners


Kevin Lyde (BC Kalev Cramo player):

"It was a good win. It turned ugly but we pulled out. We got a good start, but later on it kind of slowed down. It was a tough game, we didn't give up and everybody made their run at the end. In the last minutes we made a couple of small mistakes as a team. We are working and trying to get better. We have to start tighten up a little bit to keep attacking from the start as we did tonight."

Coach Nenad Vucinic (BC Kalev Cramo):

"First of all we have a very tough group in EuroChallenge and Frankfurt is a good team. They played a little bit undersized. They got two guys, King and Jenkins that are bigger players but they didn't play them much tonight and they were playing Derrick Allen, who is a good player on position 5, and who created problems to our team, even though we have got a quite good players on 5 - Nate Fox and Kevin Lyde. We got our way with the win. I think we played very well in the first half, specially in the first 15 minutes, but you have to give some credit to the Frankfurt team and their coach. They are not an easy team to play against. They are well known for comebacks and winning the games at buzzers."

Coach Murat Didin (Deutsche Bank Frankfurt Skyliners):

"We fought pretty well throughout the game and in the end we came back. We came back with our defense. We did our best, but that is basketball. With 10 seconds to go we had two foul throws and of course we had to make a foul, but we missed it. If we would have made it, the game would have easily gone to overtime. The same thing has happened to us last month three times and we have won by two or three points. Sometimes you play 39:58 seconds and then you make a mistake in the last two seconds, which gives you an indication of where you're going, towards victory or defeat. So tonight was a game like that."

Pascal Roller (Frankfurt Skyliners):

"As a player and as part of the team, of course I can't be happy with the result tonight. Kalev shot the ball pretty well, which shows us that we probably didn't defend as we wanted to. Even so we tried to keep on the pressure for 40 minutes. But still they were able to shoot with very high percentages. Tonight we also struggled, myself included, from outside; if we didn't it could been a closer game. So I think we got a good run in the end, but it wasn't quite enough and Kalev probably deserved to win because they controlled the game for 39 minutes more or less."


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