Quotes BC Kalev Cramo vs. BC Kyiv


Nate Fox, player of Kalev Cramo:
"It was a physical game. It kind of slid out of our hands at some point but we turned it around in the second half. And it was absolutely an incredible individual effort by John Linehan to keep us in the game, to put us up and everybody kind of followed his lead and the outcome was good."

Sasa Obradovic, coach of Kyiv:
"It was a very good game for Kalev, specially considering the circumstanses when both teams had some problems in the first half, especially foul problems. I also have to underline John Linehan's game, he played an extraordinary game, probably the best this season and he was also hitting difficult shots over the hands [of his opponents] and we didn't react quickly enough on that. We are still missing two players; if we had  those two players I think we would have made a better rotation. Congratulations once again to Kalev but we  still have pretty good chance [to qualify], we just have to beat Frankfurt. That is not going to be an easy game but hopefully we will take the win."

Nenad Vucinic, coach of Kalev Cramo:
"I would like to thank our players for their effort on beating such a team as Kyiv. ESpecially after the hole we dug ourselves in early on. We stayed positive, played hard the whole game and things happened for us. I hate singling out players but i think John [Linehan] made an excellent game tonight. He made eight of nine three pointers. The guy doesn't stop the whole game, hussling, playing defense, helping everyone. And it is very good to have a player like that in our team. It was very important win for us, we are still alive, of course we have to beat Triumph and Kyiv has to beatFrankfurt. But we believe in ourselves."


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