Quotes CSK-VVS vs. Tartu Rock


Head coach of Tartu Rock, Ullar Kerde:

"I am satisfied with the result. The team won and that's the most important thing. The game was difficult, Samara had more power but we reached victory because of how we approached the game. We played bad in the third quarter, but didn't quit. We showed that we can play as a team."

Head coach of CSK VVS-Samara, Valery Tikhonenko:

"We lost to Tartu Rock in our wish to win. Our main players didn't play well and didn't support Marque Perry. We showed bad percentage of 3 point shots (20/4) and didn't take the rebounds; even though Tartu are much ‘smaller' in height. Two players of Tartu Rock have played a great game: Tanoka Beard and Gert Kullamae. Of course, this loss is a bad result, but we still have five games to go. We have to keep on playing."


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