Quotes KK Zagreb vs. Galatasaray Café Crown


Antonio Graves, Galatasaray player:
"When we came here we knew we had to play a tough game, we wanted to put pressuer and we were sussessful in our defenSe, and physically better prepared and that helped us win."

Krunoslav Simon, Zagreb player:
"We lost a game because we played without motivation both in defenSe and offense. We lost to a better team. Because of the defeat we probably lost any chances to play in the next rounds of this competition."

Murat Özyer, Galatasaray coach:
"It was a very important game for us to qualify from the group and our players have shown they could win although we were missing a couple of players. I congratulate all my players who played in this game and we are looking forward playing the next two games."

Denis Bajramovic, Zagreb coach:
"We had a good start, we were active and had good rhythm, played simply; but then we fell into a black hole. Some of the rotations we did they destroyed our good game. I take a big part of the responsibilty for losing this game and this has been our worst game since I started coaching this team."


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