Quotes Proteas EKA AEL vs. EiffelTowers


Sharone Wright, assistant coach of EiffelTowers:
"In the first half we played slowly. AEL played good defense. In the second half we played hard and tried to have a better result. We lost and we are now looking forward the next game in Lithuania."

Dragan Raca, coach of Proteas EKA AEL:
"We started the game very well. I want to congratulate my players. They played good defense. This victory was very important for us."

Jos Fredericks, player of EiffelTowers:
"I will agree with my coach. We didn't play good defense and the result is that we lost the game."

Lavell Blanchard, player of Proteas EKA AEL:
"All the players of AEL followed our coach's instructions. The key to the victory was our good defense."


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