Quotes BC Siauliai vs. Proteas EKA AEL


Haris Mujezinovic, Proteas player:
"I don't remember a match in which the oponents didn't get any fouls in seven minutesĀ  of play. On the other hand I am glad to come back to Lithuania where I spent some good seasons..."

Dragan Raca, Proteas coach:
"We lost a very important match and against a very strong opponent. I even think they are our strongest opponent in the group. Two referees did a good job, but the other one made too many mistakes."

Gintaras Kadziulis, Siauliai player:
"The beginning and the end of the game were good, but we made mistakes even when we
took a good difference in points. We weren't agressive enough so we let the opponents to score easily."

Robertas Giedraitis, Siauliai coach:
"My players executed 70 percent of our plans but the mistakes were the biggest problem in Cyprus and tonight."