Quotes KK Zagreb vs. CSK-VVS


Marque Perry, Samara Player:

"I am happy that we will go to the next round but I am unhappy because we lost today. They beat us on rebounds and forced us to lose turnovers, which we normally don't do. We have a lot to learn from this experience today."

Darko Novosel, Zagreb Player:

"I would like to thank the coach for giving me this opportunity. The twenty points from the first game was too much. We congratulate our opponents for the good game."

Valeriy Tikhonenko, Samara Coach:

"I congratulate Zagreb for the good game. The good home game helped us today. When we look at the statistics we lost a lot of rebounds, 24 turnovers is too much for us.  Today Vladović and Simon played a good game, and Zagreb raised their shooting statistics and so endagered our pass to the next round.

Željko Pavličević, Zagreb Coach:

"We have had a lot of bad luck in the last ten days. Tomić has a virus today and could not play,  which has changed our plans.  The difference was made by Perry who knew when to keep the ball, when to shoot and gave the stability to his team. At the very beggining of the game my players were very nervous and eager to win, but that was the reason for not playing well enough the first half."


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