Quotes Deutsche Bank Skyliners vs. MBC Nikolaev


Volodymyr Polyakh, head coach Nikolaev:

"We wanted to keep them at 60 or 70 points and score more than 80. This did not work, because we were not able to break the Frankfurt defense. Our team is very young. This is the first time for many players on this European level. But I think we will develop and use the experience we gained here. Congratulations to Frankfurt."

Murat Didin, head coach DEUTSCHE BANK SKYLINERS:

"Nikolaev plays the typical old school east European Basketball, which means they shoot everytime they see a hole. So we had to play with tight defense and this worked most of the time. We still have our ups and downs and need to focus on being more concentrated in the game. That is why Nikolaev came back in the game. I am happy for the players and the fans that we qualified for the second round and I am looking forward to the game against my friends at Antalya."

Anthony Wilkins, player Nikolaev:

"You have to give credit to the DEUTSCHE BANK SKYLINERS. They fought great tonight. We came back several times, but they always had an answer. It was also their experienced players who made the difference."

Derrick Allen, player DEUTSCHE BANK SKYLINERS:

"We had some important defensive stops at the end. It was close, but we made it and I am really happy. We wanted to show more intensity than in our last games in the German league. This worked out."



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