Quotes CSU Asesoft - Spartak St. Petersburg


Evgeni Pashutin, head coach of Spartak St. Petersburg:

We expected a hard game, because Asesoft has valuable, experienced and well trained players. The qualification will be decided in St. Petersburg, in front of 5.000 Russian fans. It's not important that my brother didn't played very well today, as long as the rest of the team did. We couldn't stop remarkable Rashard Griffith, who I think is the most experienced player in Romania this season.

Vladimir Arnautovic, head coach of CSU Asesoft:

I'm satisfied with the way my team played today, especially in defense, but not about the final score. I think a 7-8 points advantage would have been the right one. We still have chances to qualify, especially now, when my players saw their opponents and have more confidence in themselves. Unfortunately,
we didn't have enough time for the injured players to recover and that costed us.

I'm happy with the way my point guards played, although Osmokrovic lost a few balls, but he also was injured and didn't practice for 10 days. He still needs a few more days to reach his best shape. Also Hargrove felt pain. I was expecting more from Burlacu and even Mike Jones, who I think got scared.
The crowd helped us, but it can to better. I know it because I saw it. I don't think the 5.000 Russians will bother my players. 


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