Quotes of Rivas and Elitzur coachs and players


Javier Fort (Rivas coach):

"They played long possessions and that was bad for our intensive defense. They made easy points and we have lost too much in attack."

Clara Bermejo (Rivas player):

"They played a good game, especially in attack. We have played too much fast in attack and lost the ball easily, and that´s why they won."

Eli Rabi (Elitzur coach):

"It was a very hard game. We didn´t play well in attack in the fist half, but in the second we play better a make a good difference. It was a very important victory for us."

Inna Gourevitch (Elitzur player):

"We make our target to be first team of the group. It was a little bit hard, but we do our job very well."  


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