Quotes KSSSE AZS-PWSZ vs. Dynamo Moscow


Dariusz Maciejewski (KSSSE AZS-PWSZ head coach):

"I am a man of dreams. When I studied in Moskow I had a dream that my team could play against such a team like Dynamo. And tonight my dream became true. It was a festival of basketball and I am glad that our fans came to see it. Dynamo is one of the best teams in Europe. They played on a high level of basketball tonight. I hope that some day we will play like Dynamo. I am also very glad that in some moments we played similar basketball. Thanks to Dynamo for this fantastic lesson."

Natalia Hejkova (Dynamo head coach):

"It was a good game in a good atmosphere. We won by 30 points - it is a good result for us. It was very important for us to win here. Now we are sure that we'll make it to the next round. Our opponents were fighting until the end. It was a good game for us."

Lindsay Taylor (KSSSE AZS-PWSZ center):

"I would like to thank our fans that they were with us. Thank you for the great atmosphere. I hope that our fans will be with us also in Poznan. We will play there a very important game on Saturday."

Belinda Rose Snell (Dynamo forward):

"It was a very good game for us. It was very important to win away from home. We played in a very good atmosphere and that is why this game was full of emotions."


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