Quotes Spartak vs. Ros Casares

25 February 2009

Laszlo Ratgeber, Head Coach (Spartak):

"We won a tough game against one of the top teams in Europe. We reached the Final Four and we are proud of it as thanks to our hard work we deserved it. Once more I have to congratulate my girls for a well done job and everybody around the team."

Diana Taurasi, Player (Spartak):

"We played hard against a worthy opponent and it is a shame that not both of us can go to the Final Four. We had to give our best to beat Ros Casares. Now we have to prepare for the Russian Cup and then the EuroLeague Women Final Four." 

Isma Canto, Head Coach (Ros Casares):

"We had a difficult group and Play-Off games. Today we started well, but Dee and Sue started playing their game and our defense could not deal with them."


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