Coach Quotes-Spartak Moscow Region vs. ZVVZ USK Prague

27 January 2009

Laszlo Ratgeber, Spartak Coach:

"We had to have a very good game in order to beat Prague and we will have to have an even better one in order to survive the upcoming battle in Prague. I would like to thank all my players, especially those who battled some injuries and gave 100% today. As always the justified the two stars that are on their uniforms."

Diana Taurasi, Spartak Player:

"It is always nice to win the first playoff game, especially when it is against a good team like Prague. It is a shame that only one of us will be able to reach the quarterfinals. We know that the game in Prague will be a great game but I fully trust my teammates and coaching staff."

Lubor Blazek, Prague Coach:

"I am proud of my girls but even though they tried there best, for many reasons (height difference etc) we lost to a very good team. We will be more ready in Prague and hopefully we will be back for one more shot to qualify."

Evanthia Maltsi, Prague Player:

"Spartak Moscow Region is always a tough opponent especially at its home court. We tried but today our effort was not enough to bring the desired result. But I am confident that we will return for a third game."

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