Quotes MKB Euroleasing vs. Wisla Can-Pack

04 February 2009

Norbert Székely (coach MKB-Euroleasing Sopron):
"This is a great success for our young team! We are very happy. We didn't play so well tonight, but [we still played] with a big heart."

Wojciech Downar-Zapolski (coach Wisla Can-Pack Krakow):
"It was a great game. Congratulations to Sopron! I'm sad, because we fought well, we had a chance to win, but we missed a few shots in the key minutes before the end of the game."

Honti Katalin (MKB-Euroleasing Sopron):
"We are very happy! This is fantastic, what we did. I hope our fans are also very happy, let's start celebrating."

Agnieszka Palka (Wisla Can-Pack Krakow):
"Congratulations to Sopron! We made a lot of mistake in defense. We have to concentrate now, for the Polish Cup and League."

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