Coaches and player quotes


Jose Ignacio, Halcón Avenida Head Coach:

"The team played a fantastic game. Our defense was very good, we fought a lot and we made very few mistakes.
maybe It was our best game in this season. It will be difficult to win in Moscow but we are going to try and we´ll see what happens."
Gunta Basko, Halcon Avenida Player:
"We played like a team and it was really exciting. Now we must think of the game in Moscow and we have to play with the same attitude."

Igor Grudin, CSKA Head Coach:
"Halcon Avenida have great players. We hope to win in Moscow and try to play here the best we can."

Ilona Korstin, CSKA Player:

"It was a difficult game for us. The atmosphere in the gym was absolutely fantastic and you feel as if you are playing against six players. Now we want to come back and play the 3rd game here."


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