Quotes TEO Vilnius vs. Spartak Moscow Region


Rutenis Paulauskas, coach TEO Vilnius:

"I anticipated the hard game. Maybe our opponents didn't play at their best, but we have to take chances like that. We played a good game for 38 minutes. Then we made a couple of mistakes, but I'm happy that we were able to remain in front."

Crystal Langhorne, player TEO Vilnius:

"I like playing here. We play as a team. When the whole team plays well it is easier for me to score and get rebounds."

Lazslo Ratgeber, coach Spartak Moscow Region:

"Most of our players had a busy summer. The whole team have been practising together for 10 days. TEO played well and that didn't surprise me, since Lithuania is a basketball nation. We have to get more rebounds, score from the free throw line, play more aggressively and to organize the game better."

Diana Taurasi, player Spartak Moscow Region:

"TEO had a great game. They defended well, were aggressive in offence. They deserved this victory."


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