Broker Kosice-Lattes Montpellier Quotes


Štefan Svitek (Maxima Broker head coach):

"Today, we have played against ourselves and we also have to defeat mostly ourselves. We were struggling in defence and received too much points in first half if you consider that the opponent had only one bigger forward. After the half-time defense was excellent and that was a base of a victory. We have received only four points in third and with significantly improved three-pointers we clinched important win."

Linda Frohlich (Maxima Broker forward):

"Fortunately, we won. I am very happy that we did because we had to win this one. After the previous losses it was initially difficult get a grip but we succeded."

Sheana Mosch (Montpellier shooting guard):
"We were in a very difficult situation. We were missing two key players, Bonnan and Whittington, both are injured. We have tried hard, but with incomplete squad it was too difficult."


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