Quotes Jolly JBS Sibenik vs. ZVVZ USK Prague


Stipe Bralić (coach Jolly JBS Sibenik):

"We won a match against a great opponent. We understood the risk of not marking Lindsay Whalen, one of the best WNBA players, and it paid off in the end. We got a lot of help from Monika Veselovski, who played her first match for Jolly JBS. I congratulate my players on another great victory."

Lubor Blazek (coach ZVVZ USK Prague):

"We wanted a fast game, but we couldn't play one. The home team fouled us much more than we did them. But still, there were more fouls awarded to them than to us, especially in the last part of the game. Jolly JBS is a good team, they showed it tonight and I congratulate them."


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