Quotes Jolly JBS Sibenik vs. Union Hainaut Basket


Fabrice Courcier, coach Union Hainaut Basket:

"Sibenik surprised us with their agressive game and great 3-point shooting and we couldn't respond to that in the first half. In the second part of the match we tried to catch up by playing more agressively, but the difference was already unbeatable. I have to say that Gardin, Jinks and Jurcevic created most of our problems, so there's nothing else than congratulate the Sibenik team on their earned victory. We hope that we'll play good in the next game and try to make it to the next round of the competition."

Stipe Bralic, coach Jolly JBS Sibenik:

"We won a great game, especially because of an excellent performance in the first half. To score 60 points in one half against Union is a great success. We knew that we'd have some problems in the second part of the game, because they had 10 equal players and we have a lack of two players in each rotation. That makes this victory even bigger. I congratulate my players, this is their victory."


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