Quotes ZVVZ USK Prague vs. Ros Casares Valencia


Isma Cantó (coach Ros Casares Valencia):

"We played an equal game in the first half, the key moments came in the second one, when we weren't successful in shooting and we became nervous. When we couldn't score and losing balls, USK was responding quickly. In the Spanish league we played a lot of easy matches, but in the Euroleague the quality is very different."

Lubor Blazek (coach ZVVZ USK Prague):

"We realised the strength of our oponent and we wanted to make up for Valenciennes. Back there it was about poor defense and that is why we spent our last trainings mostly improving our defensive plays. I think this was the base of our victory. We were relaxed in defense and that was reflecting also in offense. Evanthia Maltsi got four fouls in the least convenient moment of the game. It was a great risk to send her in, but I knew that the game was about to be decided at this point so I took the risk. Before the game we were talking about responsibility and courage, now it is time to be modest and humble. I am very satisfied with the result, but now we are on a start of a very long run and it cannot be overrated."


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