Quotes Ciudad Ros Casares vs Lotos PKO BP Gdynia


Coach Isma Cantó (Ciudad Ros Casares):

"Our defense has asphyxiated the rival. They have lost 37 balls and it is a merit of our work in defense. We have forced Lotos Gdynia to play eight meters away from our basket and this is a difficult way to score".

"At this moment, Ciudad Ros Casares has a great level, especially in defense. I'm very happy to start the Euroleague Women with a victory at home".

Player Laia Palau (Ciudad Ros Casares):

"This is only our first game this season, but It's funny to play like this. I think that our fans are very happy with our basketball on the court. There was a party!".

Coach Jacek Winnicki (Lotos PKO BP Gdynia):

"I'm not going to speak about Ciudad Ros Casares, today I'm going to speak about our team. The spanish team was much more better than us. I can say only one thing: congratulations. We had a problem in the court".


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