Quotes Jolly JBS Sibenik vs. Ros Casares


Isma Cantó, Ros Casares (Head Coach): 

"I am very satisfied with our defense, especially in the first part of the match when we disabled Jolly JBS' distance shots. In that sequence we were aware that we can't keep up with our own rhythm and Jolly JBS took advantage of it, but in the defining moments we regained that rhythm and we earned our victory."

Stipe Bralić, Jolly JBS Sibenik (Head Coach):

"We played against the team that is going to compete for the EuroLeague Women champions title, so I am satisfied with tonight's match."

"We failed in the first part of the match and when we found our way out, it was already too late. I have to say that it is a great satisfaction to play this strong opponent, especially since the substitutions in Ros Casares would be game carriers in other teams. I want to congratulate Ros Casares on their earned victory."


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