Quotes ZVVZ USK Prague vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg


Laurent Buffard (Coach UMMC Ekaterinburg):

"We knew this will be a difficult match, because we are playing against the team that conquered Ros Casares, so we had to be well prepared. ZVVZ USK is very strong team this season, but Sonia Kireta was injured, which changed a lot."

Lubor Blazek (Coach ZVVZ USK Prague):

"We were preparing for this game the same way as for another ELW games, but today, we hadn't a 100% belief in ourselves. We basically held good play in the first quarter, but the opponent was better in every aspects of the game during the other three quarters. Another thing is very poor percentage of made free throws and twenty turnovers is deadly in this kind of game.  Ekaterinburg was often scoring after first or second offensive rebound, which made Ekaterinburg player confident. There was a point, where we lost contact with the opponent and after this point we had no chance to keep up. We have to keep working and getting ready for Gdynia. I congratulate our opponent."

Cappie Pondexter (UMMC Ekaterinburg):

"We were playing a good match the whole fourty minutes. We tried to show our strength, concentration and that we were prepared. I think we accomplished this, but also there are always things to improve."

Evanthia Maltsi (ZVVZ USK Prague):

"I completely agree with the coach. Our start was good, but it only lasted for ten minutes. Like Ekaterinburg, we have to focus and listen to the coach the whole match. After the first quarter we didn't manage to follow the agreed procedures and our game started to fall apart. Against opponent like Ekaterinburg it's impossible to succeed while making so many mistakes. I think there were about 40 points scored from our turnovers. We missed 15 free throws and it had a terrible impact on our confidence."


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