Quotes TTT Riga vs. Umana Reyer


Ainars Cukste, coach TTT Riga:

"TTT Riga prepared for this very hard game. Every point was earned in a very difficult battle. We knew we can succeed only in this manner. I must agree that the Italian side tried to neutralize Essence Carson - our key player in the first game in Venice. However, she was great in the second half and helped us a lot. We also won the battle of rebounds."

Tatyana Troina, player,TTT Riga:

"Except for the free throws, the game was even and the good defense was the key to victory. In short, our defense won the game."

Massimo Riga, coach Umana Reyer:

"Congratulations to the Riga team.  In the first half we didn`t reach our goal. One of the main things was to get the ball inside for Hayden and Giauro. We didn`t succeed in this. Otherwise, we played very good defense againnst Carson. At our home game in Venice she was the key player for Riga. In the second half it didn`t go so well and the hosts won the battle for offensive rebounds."

Jennifer Nadalin, player Umana Reyer:

"We didn`t play aggressive basketball, we didn`t come out to play as we are used to. It cost us the first loss after seven straight victories."


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