Quotes Halcon Avenida vs. Nadezhda


J I. Hernandez, coach Halcon Avenida:

"Strange feeling because he could have scored an easier win.. We have to be focused for the whole game in the future and be careful with turnovers. It´s very important to win at home but maybe we need to win some games away if we want to go through to the  next round."

Anke De Mondt, player Halcon Avenida:
"[My last shot] was a very important shot because it won us the game. EuroLeague Women is a very difficult competition and we have to play hard every game."

Alexander Vlasov, coach Nadezhda:

"Today we played against Halcon Avendia and their supporters. It´s the first time we play in EuroLeague Women and we need more experience and luck in the future."

Shameka De Lynn Christon, player Nadezhda:

"We fought until the end of the game. It is hard  to lose here but we ´ll try to improve in the next games."


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