Quotes Halcon Avenida vs. Wisla Can-Pack


Jose Ignacio Hernandez, Halcon Avenida coach:
I´m very happy because we finished second in our group and it´s a big step for our club in EuroLeague. We have to play against CSKA but if we play hard I think we can beat them, especially playing in our gym."

Le´Coe Willingham, Halcon Avenida player:
"It was a good game for me but I always play hard for the team. CSKA is a team with fantastic players but we play at home first and this is very important for us."

Wojciech Downar-Zapolski, Wisla Can Pack coach:
"Halcon Avenida played a good game and I think that the key [for our loss] was that we didn´t control the rebounds."

Marta Fernandez, Wisla Can Pack player:
"We Knew that it was very difficult to win here. I prefer to play against Euroleasing but I think that CSKA is not playing so well this season."