Quotes Bourges Basket vs. Halcon Avenida


José Hernandez, coach Halcon Avenida:

"Bourges were too strong tonight. It was a tough game inside and Bourges won the rebounds. Our two American players were ill during the week so it was hard to perform our fast game although this is not the reason for our defeat. Alessandra was strong tonight and when you have to face a strong player in the ideal [for her] conditions it's impossible to come back."

Pierre Vincent, coach Bourges:

"The most important was to win and to win by more than seven points. In EuroLeague, the games are more tactical, we played on the weaknesses of Salamanca when they put two smaller players inside. When Salamanca came back during the game, some players were nervous, we have to learn to be calm in these moments. After the game in Salamanca, we studied a lot, tonight we stole a lot of balls, we defended hard and we did not let the other team to take any easy shots. We played clever."


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