Bourge-Wisla Coaches Quotes


Wisla - Wojciech DOWNAR-ZAPOLSKI

"We knew before the game that it would be difficult without Chamique and Anna. We played with seven players and after the first half time with a fast game some players begun to be tired. Against us we had Bourges who used ten players so after 25 minutes we knew it was imposssible to win tonight."

"Now we have to focus on our next game at home against Pecs. This game is going to be very important for the rest of the EuroLeague Season."

Bourges - Pierre VINCENT

"We win tonight but even if Wisla miss two girls, they still have very good players. In Krakow it was easier because we scored a lot in the first half time."

"Here we have a better defense in the first half but in attack we lost 11 balls. Sometines at home, players try to play fast and it's more risky with players like Slobodanka who have a great reading of the game."

"In the seconf half, we took the best options in attack and we scored more."


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