Quotes Tartu Rock vs. Proteas EKA AEL

Ullar Kerde, coach Tartu:

"It was a very difficult game for us because Proteas were well prepared. They played very tough basketball. My players weren't ready to beat a team like Proteas. We made 21 turnovers and that's too much for us, and our point guard made eight of those. We missed too many free throws and that was another key reason." 

Janar Talts, player Tartu Rock:

"The biggest problem was the turnovers and the shooting percentages. In the first half the worst part for us was that we didn't play team basketball. We tried to make individual plays. We played better in the second half but it wasn't better to beat them. We finished fourth but I hope we'll do better next season." 

Karim Souchu, player Proteas EKA AEL:

"We wanted to win the Final Four but we lost in the semi-finals, so today we really wanted to show we have heart and pride and that's what we did. We missed some players because of injury, but we played good on the rebound and we didn't want to get embarrassed for the second time in front of our fans. We showed them we can win for them. Everybody contributed today in rebound and points. We paid for not playing official games for so long and after the game on Friday it was easier for us to play today."


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