Quotes Serbia vs. Slovenia

20 September 2009

Dusan Ivkovic (Serbia Coach):

"It was a great game and I think it was a very good game for basketball. I want to congratulate my players, as well as the Slovenian team and coach Zdovc. At half time I've said to my players that we allowed opponents to score too many stupid points, for example making many unnecessary fouls. Our defense was really great in the second half. Now we have to rest and prepare for the final, we have young team and I also rotated them during tournament, so I think we will be well prepared."

Ivan Paunic (Serbia):

"It was a great game for us. Before the tournament nobody expected us to make it to the final. I think we deserved to win this game, but also Slovenia is a very good team and they deserve to win a medal too. They were much better than us in the first game, but we corrected our mistakes and it's one of the reasons for our win tonight. We don't want to stop now and we will fight until the end, to win a gold medal."

Jure Zdovc (Slovenia Coach):

"Congratulations to the Serbian team and coach Ivkovic for this win. I also want to congratulate my players for the maximum effort they put into the game tonight. I was afraid that one day our winning will stop and unfortunately it happened today. But we will remain focused and we will do everything to win tomorrow's match."

Domen Lorbek (Slovenia):

"It was a very tough match, but it was very hard for us, to play the next day after a great win against Croatia. We had our chances to win, especially at the end of fourth quarter. When my brother fouled out we lost our low post game and it was a big problem for us."


19.09.2009 - By Adriana Garcia Senchermes
19.09.2009 - By Yarone Arbel

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