Quotes Spain vs. Greece

19 September 2009

Sergio Scariolo (Spain Coach):

"We are very satisfied with this win, our defense was once again working the way we were preparing it for last few weeks. With the better physical shape of players we have the energy and effort this defense requires to work. I have now 12 players ready to play and all of them can be involved in our rotation."

Pau Gasol (Spain):

"I am very happy about today's victory. We played very well as a team. We did not start the tournament well. We were not focused enough. Fortunately our form picked up with every game."

Jonas Kazlauskas (Greece Coach):

"Congratulations to Spain, they were A better team than us. Today we had too many turnovers, also our ball movement wasn't good enough. We had a very tough game last night, with an overtime, now we have to concentrate on tomorrow's match."

Ioannis Kalampokis (Greece):

"It was A fair win by Spain, in the last 3-4 games they are the best team of this tournament. We tried our best, but early in the match we gave them fast break opportunities and allowed them to score easy points. It was hard to recover once they took a lead. Tomorrow's game is also very important and we will try to win bronze medal."


19.09.2009 - By Yarone Arbel
19.09.2009 - By Adriana Garcia Senchermes

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