Quotes Russia vs. Croatia

19 September 2009

Jasmin Repesa (Croatia Coach):

"I thought that maybe we would be able to achieve more than we did here, but advancing to the World Championships is the most important thing. I am proud of my players, they gave 100% today, and they prepared well physically and mentally. Tomorrow possibly I will split minutes differently, just to make sure nobody will get injured before start of the season."

Kresimir Loncar (Croatia):

"It was very hard to play and win today, after last night's game. But we knew our goal is qualifying to the World Championships and we did it. All players did a good job, playing good defense and working hard."

David Blatt (Russia Coach):

"It was a hard fought game. Our opponents were better in the final minutes. They executed their plays better than we did. They have more experienced players, so it was kind of natural. They also did a good job defending the pick and rolls, and we didn't convert some drives into points. I think we have an excellent tournament, we are way ahead of everybody's expectations. It would be a crime, if FIBA wouldn't give us a wild card for next year World Championships, we definitely deserve it."

Sergey Monya (Russia):

"It was a game with two different halves. In the first we played very good defense, but later we allowed them to score too many easy points. We were also struggling executing the pick and roll in the fourth quarter."


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