Quotes France vs. Turkey

19 September 2009

Vincent Collet (France Coach):

"We are glad to win this game. Qualification to the World Championship in Turkey was our goal from the beginning, but of course we hoped to advance further. We started today really bad - lacking energy. We stepped up later with our defense and we were much more aggressive, which helped us change this game."

Florent Pietrus (France):

"We wanted to win this game and I have to congratulate my teammates for doing it. We were minus 19, but we still did it and advanced to Turkey next year. We did a great job today, not giving up."

Bogdan Tanjevic (Turkey Coach):

"We had excellent 15-20 minutes, but my players lost all energy and France took over the game. Today we were playing without two key players - Ilyasova and Arslan, we also had a very tough game last night against Greece."

Kerem Tunceri (Turkey):

"We had to play two very good teams in less than 24 hours. We were great for 15 minutes, but our condition was bad later during the game. Also France was making shots against our zone defense. We are sorry to lose, because every game we play to win and we always try to keep fighting."


19.09.2009 - By Simon Wilkinson
19.09.2009 - By Simon Wilkinson

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