Quotes Turkey vs. Greece

18 September 2009

Jonas Kazlauskas (Greece Coach):

"I am of course very happy, but it's very difficult to to talk after such a tough game. We lead for a majority of the match, but lost concentration in fourth quarter. But it's good, that even then players continue to play hard and keep fighting. We win in the end, thanks to our defense, the great game of Spanoulis and the fact that our team still was together, like one fist."

Efstratios Perperoglou (Greece):

"It was a very good game by both teams. We made big shots at the end and we won. Now we have two more games and we will try to win both."

Bogdan Tanjevic (Turkey Coach):

"In games like this one shot going in or out mades the difference, today it was us who lost the match. I agree that Omer Asik wasn't dominant like in previous games, and losing the rebounding battle was a big reason for the loss. But our players also didn't help Asik as they should."

Sinan Guler (Turkey):

"I think the stats are telling everything about this game. It was a very intense game for all 45 minutes, but Greece shot many more free throws and they also killed us with rebounds. Congratulations to them for the win. It's shame we lost tonight, but now we will try to get a 5th place in this tournament."


18.09.2009 - By Adriana Garcia Senchermes
18.09.2009 - By Yarone Arbel

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