Quotes Slovenia vs. Poland

14 September 2009

Jure Zdovc (Slovenia Coach):

"I agree with coach Katzurin that we had a lot of luck in the first half. We were terrible defensively and we executed too quickly on offense. In the second half we were able to find an open man and score, our defense was also better. We deserved this win and I want to congratulate my players."

Primoz Brezec (Slovenia):

"It was a tough game. We didn't start good, we didn't play defense as well as we have been. But later we picked up our game and we stopped their inside players, as well as Logan. I am looking forward to next game."

Goran Jagodnik (Slovenia):

"In first quarter Poland played good on defense - we scored only 11 points. But then we improved our game and in the crucial moment we scored from the perimeter - thus we led by two points before the break. In the second half we played calm and confident basketball. We realized everything that the coach said - we stopped Gortat and the Polish attack. We don't think about the next games, we just want to play good basketball".

Muli Katzurin (Poland Coach):

"After the first half we should have had a 10 point lead, but we didn't finish some situations and I knew, that losing by two points to Slovenia at half time will make the second half very tough.  During the second half our shooting percentage was very low and we had some turnovers, which you can't make against team like Slovenia."


14.09.2009 - By Adriana Garcia Senchermes
14.09.2009 - By Simon Wilkinson

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