Quotes Greece vs. Russia

13 September 2009

Ioannis Bourousis (Greece):

"It was a tough game. We lost the first half. We had rebounding problems. They also implemented a zone defense that was a huge problem for us as well."

Sergey Monya (Russia):

"Two years ago we had a more experienced team. Right now we have young players who can believe in this team after such a game. The game against F.Y.R.O.M. is very important for us and we are already waiting for it. 

Jonas Kazlauskas (Greece):

"The opening of the game was our biggest problem tonight. We started terribly, having a lot of problems with rebounding. Now we have to concentrate on the future. We can beat anybody."   

David Blatt (Russia):

"We were sharper and more ambitious. We had a great start of the game. They woke up in the third quarter with great defense, but we took control again. With all the respect for our opponent we deserve the win tonight. There is no younger team, considering the age and experience in this tournament. We're growing."  


13.09.2009 - By David Hein

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