Quotes Russia vs. Croatia

11 September 2009

Mario Stojic (Croatia):

"It was very defensive game. Our two-point percentage was too low. Mozgov had a great game." 

Nikita Kurbanov (Russia):

"Everybody saw that the game was very tough. We are pleased and satisfied we made it."

Jasmin Repesa (Croatia):

"They deserve this win 100%. When you score 59 points it's difficult to win a game against any opponent. France will be a tough opponent for us. They are an odds-on favorite of the whole tournament."

David Blatt (Russia):

"We made it. They're a great team, but today we were a little better. We lost two games in the first round. We missed then a lot of shots. Today we executed much better. This team doesn't have big names but the group never quits."


11.09.2009 - By David Hein

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